Apps to Create and Manage Passwords

Passwords were supposedly meant to serve as a key for the users to log in to a platform. However, they now have become a requisite for ensuring online security. The stronger a password you use, the lesser are the chances of your account to be hacked. Nonetheless, this requires creating stronger, complex, and unique passwords for every platform. While you can create such passwords, remembering them all is quite tricky. You can’t even save them in your browser either to avoid any breaches. So, what should you do?

All you need in such circumstances is a password manager. These apps not only help you create stronger passwords but also keep them secure and readily available for you across all your devices. Here we list the best apps for you to create and manage passwords safely.


Dashlane is a robust password manager app that works across all major platforms, that is, Windows, Android, MacOS and iOS. It comes with an easy-to-use interface and allows one-click generation of strong passwords. It then lets you manage your passwords across all your devices and all major browsers via its digital wallet. It also allows you to share encrypted passwords with emergency contacts.

Besides, Dashlane also offers built-in VPN for added security. So, if you find your VPN apps not working Android or any other device, you can simply install Dashlane to enjoy the combo of a secure password manager and VPN app.

One of the downsides of this app is its limited compatibility with Internet Explorer. Also, it does not permit the selection of the server country when using its VPN.


LastPass is a known password manager trusted among the users for quite long. It lets you create robust and unique passwords, keep them saved and encrypted over clouds, and share with your family members when required. With a master password, you can easily log in to this single account to get access to all your passwords without hassle. LastPass also offers two-factor authentication, importing saved login credentials from your browsers, free credit monitoring, auto-fill password feature, and multiple identities.

Though, its history includes some incidents of security vulnerabilities. Nonetheless, this does not reduce the efficiency and significance of this LastPass. Some other cons of LastPass include no features to offer shared folders and expensive pricing plans.


Another interesting password manager is 1Password that allows managing passwords securely across multiple devices. It also boasts support for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android. Like any good password manager, it also offers two-factor authentication and support for various browsers. However, it may not be as good while using Internet Explorer.

A major plus of this app is its ‘watchtower’ feature that keeps an eye on data breaches. Through this feature, the app tells you of any ongoing website breach.

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