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VIE.js Semantic Interaction Framework

VIE.js (“Vienna IKS Editables”) is a JavaScript library for implementing decoupled Content Management Systems and semantic interaction in web applications. In short, VIE provides a bridge between Backbone.js and the semantic web.

With VIE you can easily interact with RDFa-annotated content on your pages, as well as connect with various semantic services like Apache Stanbol and DBpedia.

All entities you deal with are managed in a centralized collection, and VIE provides ways to deal with namespaces, relations between entities, and if needed, your content type system.

VIE is used as the basis for a wide variety of tools ranging from content annotators to full front-end editing interfaces and semantic browser extensions. You can find many of these from the Widgets section of this site.

In addition to the examples below, you can also try out VIE on jsFiddle.

VIE.js architecture


VIE.js development is coordinated on GitHub, using Travis CI for Continuous Integration

Join the mailing list or the #iks FreeNode channel to discuss VIE.js.